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America, Awake! Monthly Rally of Prayer and Patriotism, led by the Dominican Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

The Sisters will lead a prayer for our government, followed by the pledge of allegiance to our flag and our national anthem.

During the rally the Sisters will lead the five sorrowful mysteries of the rosary for the various intentions listed below.

There will also be a sing-a-long of patriotic songs. A lottery for patriotic prizes will conclude the rally.


For the wellbeing of our nation.

For the preservation of our democratic republic through free and fair elections without fraud.

For all United States citizens to return to the practice of the virtue of patriotism.

For all our elected officials and representatives to unequivocally champion the upholding of our nation’s Constitution.

For our elected officials as well as our citizens to fearlessly and strongly defend our nation against socialism in all its forms.

For the courage to openly and bravely oppose any and all unconstitutional, and therefore illicit, mandates of tyrannical officials who continue to overreach their legitimate powers.

For the strength to resist and ultimately to overcome the efforts of all those who, by attacking our Constitutional rights and freedoms, seek to destroy our great nation.

For truth to triumph over falsehood and deceit.

For light to see and grace to act as true patriots.

That we be ever grateful for the many blessings we receive, whether personally or as a nation.

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