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~IT’S TIME TO RECALL ‘EM ALL! (more than possible simple plan)
1 Million Freedom Loving Michigan Patriots & Constitutional Supporters (registered to vote)
We just launched our custom built recall petition platform – do not fret all is progressing as planned and we need to help each other NOW more than ever! Recall Michigan’s Governor, Lt. Gov, Secretary of State and Attorney General with our modern design utilizing all resources, pulling out all stops!
REGISTER NOW – THE PLAN WILL WORK  if we each of us registers to sign, pitches in at least $5.50 (if able please sacrifice for this, if not able promote & lead others to this) and together we reach the required number of signatures by the end of this year.
This is the 3rd and FINAL CHANCE, we have over 1.5 years experience, a no give up policy combining “We the People” with this powerhouse plan that was carefully deliberated using all we have learned. Best of all our constitution backs us up – not them!
This is our highest probability to stop what’s coming and fix what they broke. MI law prevents us from recalling anyone once they enter the last year of their term. Remember the damage they caused in just 4 months, even constitutional violations were not enough for our legislatures to hold them accountable.
This is our highest priority! if we can not assemble at least 1 Million Patriots to at a minimum, have the ability to communicate with and inform each other without censorship & on our own network… there is a good chance every other initiative out there will fail along with this effort. However if we all hit this with minimum focus, combining in spirit, we can not only replace the top 4 (with everyone’s contact info) we wont have to stop or start over to support every single other initiative that has started that aims to keep MI a FREEDOM state. Every group has done a great job and we need all of them but it is apparent they are all struggling to achieve progress and proper support due to red tape everywhere.
Do not overthink this (simply complete the minimum requirements) provide basic contact info by registering to sign at https://donorbox.org/recall-movement make a contribution or simply subscribe to get the update emails or if unable to sacrifice funds for this freedom preserving opportunity register using the form at https://recallwhitmer.com.
While you wait for your follow-up email recruit 15-20 people to do the same and encourage them to also recruit 15-20 people who will follow suit. If everyone who already registered did this in the course of normal day with those we already connect with for the next 5-7 days until we each get 15-20 people- we could reach 1-3 Million people in as little as 14 days!
Once you  get your email invitation to sign click through to the secure platform verify your identity & digitally sign all 4 petitions from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.   (yes it is legal – “they” will lie and say it is not – plus this gives us an auditable piece of evidence and a when we are done we can continue other initiatives with the ease of 1 million people who are able to collaborate and communicate effectively! ) 
October 31st was the intended start date but Nov. 1st was the official backend launch. Emails are to be batched and sent out 1000 at a time processing the oldest registrations 1st continuing to and thru those who registered to sign more recently until we are fully caught up.
Once we reach that point the delay between registration and receipt of the authorization token email will be more real-time. You should receive your unique invitation email within the next 7-10 days maybe sooner depending on where you fall in order at.
We still need to continue to spread the word and continue to recruit other people to register to sign & then ask them to recruit others they know to do the same (keeping a constant flow) until we reach our goal and move to printing early or give it hell trying until we run out of time.
For many reasons the process will remain pretty much the same as it has been working continuing thru the duration of the signing stage.
In order to sign the petitions people still need to register to sign. In order to be successful as we enter and endure through the signing stage, it is imperative everyone who is able cover the costs of their own participation.
At a minimum we have to pay our digital signature service provider individually for each document set containing 4 recall petitions matched to state specifications. Upon collecting the proper amount of signed petitions we will then have to print at least one copy of each of the 4 signed petitions per person. We will end up with a minimum total of 4,252,000 8.5”x14” legal size laser printed sheets to box up and turn in to the proper state offices. Doing basic math and being as frugal as possible, $5.50 per signer will increase the probability we will be able to adequately see the plan thru and in time.
100% of funding needs requested are from actual expenses combined with the expected reserve we will need to retain our preferred attorneys as well as ensure we are able to properly fund the legal team thru the duration of the final stages that result from collecting and turning in enough signatures before end of year deadlines.
If you have already registered and do not receive your unique invitation to sign within 10 days from today, please do not hesitate to let us know.
Thank you for your continued support!
Respectfully,  USCFC  Sponsor of the Recall Movement 
“Paid for with regulated funds by United States Constitutional Freedom Coalition, PO BOX 276 Manistee, MI 49660”,”Not authorized by any candidate or candidates committee.

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