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“Patriots for Truth & Action” was formed 6 months ago in Oceana County. Our Mission: “To empower Christians and Fellow Patriots to stand for truth on the cultural and political issues of our day, by providing informational resources whereby they can be educated & mobilized to defend “Traditional American Values” and our “Christian Heritage” from a Biblical Worldview!”

In the past, we held meetings at the Ladder in Shelby on Wednesdays from 12:30-2:30 pm. We are now moving to a once-a-month format in the evening, hoping to attract working Patriots. This is our first monthly meeting and we hope you will join us!

Our group has identified 3 areas for “Action”: The ChurchEducation, & Government and we’re creating “Action Steps” for each area. At this meeting, we will summarize where we are in these areas, but focus primarily on “Government”. Two members of “Newaygo County Grassroots” will attend our meeting and educate us on the importance & role of “Precinct Delegates”. Oceana County has 83 GOP precinct delegate slots and all are open for the 2022 primary election. We hope to sign up people for this important role. So, come and check us out! See if you should get involved in one of our “Action Teams” and/or become a precinct delegate! Join us for pizza from 5:15-5:30!

There’s no cost but donations are appreciated for the pizza!

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