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  • The historical roots of the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution
  • What life is like for citizens in countries with no 2nd Amendment protections
  • Ongoing challenges to the 2nd Amendment-Past, Present & future!
  • The right and need for citizen self-defense
  • Legal issues and complications with individual self-defense
  • Internal and external threats to the rights to bear arms for the general public
  • Local, state and federal gun laws & restrictions connecting all the dots
  • What can be done to protect your legal rights for self-defense?
  • How families and community groups are fighting back in West Michigan.


  • Mike Hewitt–Host of the popular “Mike Hewitt” syndicated radio show. He is a business owner and a prolific writer and speaker. He also writes blogs and articles on current events and American history. Mr. Hewitt has a lifetime history of political involvement. He currently serves as the Vice Chair of Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District Republican Committee. He is the founding member of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Michigan. Mike holds a federal gun dealers license.
  • Chrystal Newman–Territorial manager, US Law Shield. She is a Retired Criminal Law Attorney. Although no longer an attorney, she spent 14 years in the criminal law system initially as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, then later defending death penalty cases in North Carolina. She is dedicated to ensuring all like minded gun owners are fully informed and educated on how to ensure they do not end up emotionally and financially devastated should they protect themselves or another.
  • Mr. Ryan Ramsayer–Ryan was a member of the United States Marine Corps infantry and served honorably in Afghanistan. He got his degree at the Michigan State University College of Law. He joined the Barone Defense Firm in 2009 and has been involved in the successful defense of hundreds of clients and has taken a particular interest in the 2nd Amendment.  He is a popular speaker and is a wealth of information regarding self-defense and proposed laws to ban firearms.

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