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Stand Up for Religious Freedom with ex-Islamic-turned-Christian and author, Kamal Saleem of Koome Ministries
Plus faith, community and grassroot leaders sharing social issues and values to help us navigate our current times.Religious Freedom is the topic featuring Kamal Saleem of Koome Ministries.

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Linda Lee Tarver

Pastor Jeff Noble

Pastor Dan McGhee

Norita Omar

Bill Pacey – Convention of States

Jamie Dawn – Michigan Leadership Group

Kristen Lee – Michigan for Vaccine Choice

Adam De Angeli – Rescue Michigan

Rachel Weaver – Guardians of Freedom Michigan

Audrey Hannah – People’s Rights

Hannah DeMass – Turning Point USA

Patrice Johnson – Pure Integrity for Michigan Elections

Rob Rodriguez-Pellizari – 2 A Patriots


This series of events is organized by Gina Johnsen of Michigan House of Prayer and Jeff Vega of Vega Entertainment.

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