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Do you trust the Federal Regulatory Agencies to protect you from corporate greed, Big Pharma, and environmental toxins? Do you trust your knowledge as a healthcare provider that you are providing honest, ethical, and scientifically driven health advice? As a patient, a parent, or a caregiver, do you still trust your doctors to advise you on what is safe and effective? Who can we trust to bring us evidence-based health and wellness practices and who will once again value the partnership between the practitioner and the patient?

Whether you are a parent, a healthcare provider, a scientist, or a patient, it is time to begin the journey towards true health by first understanding that we have been lied to. We can no longer trust the higher institutions and regulatory agencies that have been captured by industry that have been directing us, not towards health but towards disease.

We have been under attack for decades. We have lost integrity in science, medicine, and technology in America and it is adversely affecting the health of our nation. From healthcare, to the food we consume, the water we drink, our soil, our air, even our technology has hidden dangers and can be toxic. This summit will not only reveal those hidden dangers but empower you to reclaim your health from the inside out. Now is the time to learn about how to protect, to heal, and we are reinventing healthcare in order to protect the future of the next generation.

Come learn about the pediatric vaccine schedule, COVID-19 protocols, COVID-19 Vaccines, Vaccine Injury and Long Hauler research and treatments, GMO’s and glyphosate and how they affect the body, chemicals and contaminations in our water, air, and soil, wireless radiation harms and mitigation strategies, and so much more. Come meet healthcare practitioners across the state and nation who value ethics in science and medicine and seek to reestablish best healthcare practices.

These are the first step towards healing a broken and sick nation. There is hope for a healthy future and the United Healthcare Summit will bring us the tools we need to rebuild, redefine, and reinvent a healthy America.

Tickets will be limited at this exclusive event featuring top experts in science, medicine, and technology from around the country. CME/CEU Continuing education credits are being offered. Sign up to get an alert when tickets become available: https://unitedhealthcaresummit.com/

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