Candidate for MIGOP Chair

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Q. If you were not in your current role/endeavor, what would you be doing instead?

A. Fortunately for me the political world has been a life long passion to involve myself in the process. I never knew I would actually get to this point in life but I have finally made it here where I belong. I will continue fighting for Americans by providing leadership they can depend on and trust.

Q. What has been the biggest impact in your industry or life in the past 5 years?

A. When I was in a very bad car accident back in 2019 and suffered traumatic brain injury as a result, I thought my life was over. I suffered whip lash, concussion, injured Knee Cap, and more injuries…. Doctor’s told me It would be a very long time before I am healed from all my injuries. The accident left me in a wheelchair, having random seizures, not able to care for myself and more. My faith in God along with some medicines, I have recovered from that accident. If you don’t have faith in you own healing you won’t be healed. I was in a wheelchair in my first rally for Trump. It was my first time out there in the fight with my party. I made headlines from that wheelchair and will always know that I can do all things through christ that strengthens me. Within the past 5 years, I have battled with cancer and won the battle through prayer and holistic medicine. My life is real and my testimonies are real.  Although these things caused the biggest impact in the past 5 years, a lot more has too. I am thankful that I am alive today to tell you my story. I can’t wait to get started.

Q. Where do you see yourself or business in 5 years?

A. I can see myself being a strong leader in America. I see people all over the world pouring into me for speaking up and providing Americans with a fighting chance to help save America and all of it’s contents. I see myself joining forces with the RNC to really make this RED WAVE official, I see myself helping children to read and write. I see myself praying for people who are sick and they will be healed. I see myself working in the White House but also traveling around Auditing our American Ambassadors assuring their safety as well as making sure they are doing their job and nothing less or infringing upon Americans. I see myself touching the hearts of all delegates that they all will vote off of my vision not off of petty things that are personal and have nothing to do with my decision making as MIGOP Chair or in the alternative Co-chair. I can see us all winning in future elections because I helped all of our Chairperson’s and Co Chair person’s, delegates, candidates and members learn how to forgive and love again.

Q. Who do you most admire or are inspired by and why?

A. I would have to say President Donald J Trump inspired me ever since his win in 2016. It was because of Trump, I am a Republican. It’s because of Trump, I was hopeful about life for my children and their future again. It was because of Trump, I was able to pay my bills again without interruption of price gouging and high gas prices. It was because of Trump, that I became a Black Voices for Trump Mascot along with my children. It was because of Trump, that Detroit was gaining momentum against those Democrats. Trump inspired me to change my ways and start focusing and tuning in more to my American Government. If Congress shall call Trump illiterate as a President, then Congress shall be called “Illiterates” as a Congress.
I have been removed from ballots and smeared by some of my very own party members, but just like Mya Angelou and Donald J Trump, I Rise, I Rise, I Rise!

Q. What organization is top of your list to provide support?

A. I would have to say the Americans With Disabilities Act. It’s not easy having a voice in life as a disabled person. Society expects you to be all the way crazy or not crazy at all with a bad attitude. A lot of times, this type of stigma can barricade and or alter the minds of others who see disabled persons as a defect to America instead of getting to the root cause of their disability. For some, They could have been veterans who were hurt in the line of duty by way of physical damage that is visible to the naked eye or an invisible impairment that the naked eye can’t see causing people to cast judgment, tease and condemn them into feeling lower than they may already feel. If we can address the issues of the disabled, accommodate them as best as we can and accordingly to law, we can transition to the non disabled persons with ease. You cannot the advantage of persons with disabilities and not have to answer to God. You cannot violate, abuse their rights in any way. The LGBTQ has it’s voice in our elections now and that’s fine, but what ever happened to morals and preference? The disabled Americans haven’t even been provided proper ramps but we are making new bathrooms to accommodate some new pro nouns? Disabled Americans are having a hard time communicating and articulating their needs without being called crazy, stupid, mishap, shut up, sit down and if we are already sitting down due to being wheelchair bound then that is a slap in the face for all who are forced to sit down, yet and still we now have some “letters from the alphabet” receiving government funding that has not been allocated out to the Americans with Disabilities. Regardless of age both young and old, disabilities exist. Some we can see some we cannot. We need an American like me who understands that not all disabilities come detected. They could be buried within. We need someone who will implement or support laws and or efforts to combat funding allocated to groups and organizations built to destroy America rather than help America. Disabled Americans need more benefits and funding each month without paying any out of pocket cost or copay. It’s not their fault they are disabled. It’s up to all Americans to protect the disabled and accommodate them and championing for them to receive higher monthly benefits each and every time the price is raised, inflation is up, cut of living has plummet. We must provide livable wages monthly for a person to thrive and not suffer financial hardship of any kind during their lifetime. We need more funding also for the caregivers who take the time out to care for the disabled. We must provide more laws that will influence individuals to speak up about the neglect or abuse of a disabled person.

Q. What is the biggest need you face in your business or organization today?

A. Financial support and more support from my party. For everyone who has ever met me, met a friendly and exciting person on the outer. Little did they know I was suffering on the inside. I still managed to give everyone a first impression that was a lasting one. There was a fraudulent smear campaign video that was on Facebook last year that came out against me causing collateral damage to my name and everything I stand for and fight for on a daily basis. I am not here to relive the hate but to continue on in my journey uplifting the world bringing in new hope for our future. If Michigan would allow me to prove to them that Articia Bomer is a friend and can be a true leader that can let go of old business and welcome new business with even the ones who wronged me or who I have wronged. I am not perfect.I just want to bring to Michigan The Perfect Plan,

Author: Team UNITE!