I hate talking about myself but I understand that it’s important for you to know who I am and what I’ve accomplished in my life so you can know my strengths and see that in everything I do, I carry them to fruition. I am the first born of Bill and Barb Putman. I have 4 siblings, one of which I lost at a very young age. My wife and I have four daughters and fourteen nieces and nephews. I went to SVSU for Accounting before I became self-employed and took over as the Head of Logistics and Accounting for our multiple family businesses in Real-Estate Development, General Contracting, Marketing and Media, and Manufacturing to name a few. I am an avid outdoorsman, I have my Captains License, FFL License, SOT License, Realtors License, Scuba Certification, and am currently working toward my Pilot’s license. On top of all this, I serve as the current Chair of The Tuscola County Republican Party which has made leaps and bounds of progress and growth since I took over. With you knowing all the things I pursue in my life; I want you to know that I will put these things aside while holding the MIGOP Chair position and dedicate myself full time to the position. You can count on me to be responsible and to steer the ship of our party. I have all the skills needed to lead the Michigan Republican Party and will build relationships with everyone instead of tearing them down. Having said all that, I wouldn’t be who I am today without most importantly, my faith, but also without the family that I have.

As a family, we are an army.  We are many voices, and we all make up different parts of the body: this is the only way we have been able to accomplish our goals. This is exactly how our MIGOP should be led, and I know that it will work from experience. To give you some proof, let me tell you a little bit about my family and our successes. There are twenty-eight of us in my family, three generations, all living under one roof. I’ll start with one of my brothers, Brandon Putman. He oversees all our real estate development and commercial real estate design in the past, present, and future. He also is part owner in Ephesians 610 Armor LLC and has a passion for criminal justice.  Blake Putman, my youngest brother, is a Physician and has grown exponentially in the last seven years of his career and has been voted “Best of the Best in Primary Care”. He speaks the truth about the awful effects of abortion on women’s health and has the gift to deliver this truth in a way that I know will change the hearts of many. Jamie Popovich, my brother-in-law, has also found a passion in medicine and is a Primary Care Physician and specializes in obstetrics and women’s healthcare. My dad, Bill Putman, is the Patriarch of the family and is one of the greatest entrepreneurs I’ve ever met. He has founded and grown many multi-million-dollar businesses that he has handed to our family to grow even further. He is one of the wisest men you will ever meet.  That leads me into the Putman women. All these women started out with the most important job in the world, being a Godly mom to all our beautiful children. As the kids have grown, the women fill in with the family businesses as needed. Barb, wife of Bill for 39 years, matriarch of the family, works in Tenant Relations and works as a Referral Coordinator in the Putman Family Medicine Clinic. Jen, my wife of 16 years, is the Office Manager of Putman Family Medicine along with our family Accounting Manager. Kacie, wife of Brandon for 16 years, is the Logistical Manager and Facilitator both in the personal and business world of our family. Megan, wife of Blake for 15 years, is the Billing Manager and Financial administrator for Putman Family Medicine. Blair, wife of Jamie for 11 years, is raising their five young boys and homeschooling while managing the farms.

What’s our Motivation?

We believe God put us on this earth to stand up for Him and the way He intended us to live our lives.  We see this Foundation crumbling before our eyes.  We fight for many things, but I’m going to give you our top three.

  • Number one, Faith. Without a solid foundation, our society will crumble. We need to fix it.
  • Number two, Family. The family unit is being destroyed in this country. There’s no respect or value in family anymore. We need to fix it.
  • Number three, Country. Our Country is being manipulated, deceived, and persuaded that good is evil, and evil is good! We need to fix it.


If you were not in your current role or endeavor, what would you be doing instead?

I would like to start out by saying that my current endeavor and role in the Republican Party is what I know I am being called by God to do. However, in this instance, if I were not pursuing this, I would continue in the family businesses of which mainly include Commercial Real Estate Developing. As a family, we have many different businesses beyond Commercial Developing including being in the Medical field/business along with holding many licenses such as our FFL, SOT, my Captains license, Explosives License, and currently working on getting my pilots license. All these things, I am blessed to be able to do with my family so I am doing what I love with the people I love.

What has been the biggest impact in your industry or life in the last 5 years?

Being a businessman, the political inconsistency really has hurt business growth for a lot of people. The rising taxes and the rise in prices in so many things is hard to account for. In our industry of developing, the cost of building materials skyrocketed so the budgets that we may have planned for prior to the last presidential election and the projects we were working on during that time were unexpectedly blind-sided with costs of products that most couldn’t afford. But when you are in the middle of a project, you have to keep moving forward at the cost of falling behind and fighting to make a profit. Thankfully, we had a back up plan that wasn’t ideal but we were blessed enough to be able to make it work. I think this is similar to a lot of people’s struggles today. Everyone seems to be drowning in lack of time and needing more money. This is one of the things I would like to help rebuild so our family of Republicans can not feel like they are fighting alone but instead lean on each other and actually make a change we can feel.

Where do you see yourself or business in 5 years?

In 5 years, my daughters and nephew will be old enough to be by our side and ready to learn the family businesses. They have the accountability and the possibility to make the family business successful for generations to come farther than we already have and I look forward to seeing them go above and beyond with what we’ve built for them and their future kids. So with that, I would be so thrilled in five years to see the next generation taking over and being able to enjoy the little things in life a little more. In five years, I would like to see a change that I helped make in the state of Michigan and made our state somewhere my kids want to stay. I believe I can help do that as your MIGOP Chair.

Who do you most admire or are inspired by, and why?

JESUS. He is the way, the truth, and the life. Jesus is who I follow. He leads my life. He inspires every thought and every action. So when I am asked who I admire or am inspired by the most, it seems like those words aren’t even close to what I feel toward my Savior. But He is the example that my every day is inspired by. When I need help with anything in life, I am able to talk to God through prayer and reading my Bible. I let Jesus lead me through his experiences He had while he walked this Earth and although I fall short every single day, I try my best to follow in His footsteps. I would love to continue on more of why Jesus is the one I admire the most in life but I would never stop writing.

What organization is top on your list to provide support?

I have a couple that I would like to support and are top on my list. I have three things I fight for beyond my Faith, Family, and Friends and that is against Abortion and for my Second Amendment. Therefore, I would love to support Right To Life and other Pro-Life Organizations and the NRA more in any way I can. There are some things that I would like to advise to the Right to Life to make sure we are working for the right goals and ensuring that things are made perfectly clear that Abortion is Murder, end of story. I believe Right to Life is the best avenue to be able to make a difference, especially in our Youth’s hearts and souls.

What is the biggest need you face in your business or organization today?

The biggest need I face in our business today is probably one of the biggest needs everyone is facing. It’s Kindness and Patience. Life is short. Enjoy the process. We have been so desensitized in getting immediate results that we don’t even notice the effects it has had on us as a nation. Yes, technology has been such a great thing for businesses and communications but on the flip side, it has stopped us from looking up. It’s stopped us from looking at each other in the face and maybe noticing that someone sitting right next to you needs you. It’s stopped us from recognizing that maybe that person that was just rude to you just had something terrible happen in their life and unfortunately took it out on you. Let’s win that person over to Christ by using patience and kindness and making sure they are truly okay

Author: Team UNITE!