My grandfather was a pastor and full-time mechanic. He taught me biblical principles throughout the early years of my life. My grandmother was a true prayer warrior, she prayed for her grandkids every night sometimes falling asleep in the midst of them. My father was a hardworking man that taught me work ethic. He missed five days of work his entire working career. Unfortunately, God called him home last July from a blood clot in the lungs-there were no symptoms. My parents were married for 47 years and their love for each other never wavered.
I’ve been in the Holland/Zeeland area my entire life. I met my wife at a church college and career activity when I turned to my best friend and told her she was mine. It was the first time I laid eyes on her. We have been married now for 23 years with four wonderful children. It hasn’t been easy. Early in my working career, being let go due to downsizing or a bad economy seemed to be the norm. I started a handyman company in 2000 which allowed me to learn all the trades firsthand. This also allowed me to earn my builder’s license in 2011. I love working with my hands. Framing is my favorite thing to do in the building trades.
Over the years, the one thing that stands out the most is service. Whether fixing a toilet, a leaking roof or putting on an addition, it was always done for the customer. I enjoyed the smile on their faces after each completed task. I had the opportunity to have a retail store in downtown Holland. It was always a joy seeing children and families craving vintage candy and flavored popcorn. As a head usher and head of security for my church was also a pleasure. Helping people to their seats and knowing the church was always a place of love and being secure. With my construction background, helping those in the church was also a blessing whether maintaining the buildings or installing a new roof for one of our missionaries.
But what turned me onto politics was my grandfather listening to Rush Limbaugh and over the last 30 years have been listening and understanding what we have in America. I became a precinct delegate in 2020 only to learn how corrupt politics are in our state and surprisingly our county. After the election, I became dismayed as to our own Republican party. We have too many do nothing, vote along to get along elected officials. This led me to create a third party, The Patriot Party of Michigan. Patriots are rising across this country which allows me to put this on hold. If I’m elected my goal is to create a Patriot Caucus in Michigan to hold the establishment accountable. This is also why I created The Patriots Voice of Michigan podcast, to help make our voices heard. I’d be honored to be your next state Senator.


Q. If you were not in your current role/endeavor, what would you be doing instead?
A. I am a construction site supervisor right now, but I would love to be able to focus on my podcast and spreading the truth.

Q. What has been the biggest impact in your industry or life in the last 5 years?
A. The construction industry is highly impacted by inflation right now, pricing has increased tremendously. Personally, COVID and the Government have been a large impact. The Government is not working for the people which makes everything else harder in business and in life.

Q. Where do you see yourself or business in 5 years?
A. In the next 5 years I see myself as State Senator. If not as the Senator I would focus on my podcast to spread truth and make a difference in people’s lives.

Q. Who do you most admire or are inspired by, and why?
A. I am inspired by God first through my grandfather and father. My grandfather was my pastor for the first 20 years of my life. He worked as a mechanic and pastored his whole life. My father also taught me how to work hard and that nothing is free. You must work for what you need. Lastly, I was inspired by Rush Limbaugh on the radio. He passed away 1 year ago which is what inspired me to start my podcast.

Q. What organization is top on your list to provide support?
A. I want to support anything to do with the unborn, March of Dimes, Right to Life, and many more. Not only the ones who are fighting for life but also the ones helping alongside the struggling mothers who want to keep their babies.

Q. What is the biggest need you face in your business or organization today?
A. The construction industry really struggles with the labor shortages. Ever since 2008-2010 when the government started pushing for college over apprenticeships, businesses started to close down, and they haven’t been able to open back up. Due to government control, we are short on everything.

Author: Team UNITE!