I have a diverse background and have worked in various careers starting in my Dad’s restaurant, Cook’s Drive-In then landscape maintenance, and became a house painter soon after high school, still painting today (Many miles put on the brushes and rollers, please see Brushstrokes here). When hard economic times loomed, I started an executive protection business with four partners called CounterMeasures Security Group. While training for the security company, I was licensed as an EMT and worked on the ambulance for a few years which I then became certified to teach CPR. The security company did not work out, however, I was able to transition and deliver court papers, subpoenas, and like. I actively teach CPR with my company, Save A Life CPR LLC, and can assist you with all your training needs!

God has blessed me with an eventful life, hard times in there, but we will persevere, and serve Him in it. I am 52 years old, born and raised in the Grand Rapids area, and now living in Sheridan, Michigan. I am married to an awesome wife, Michele, we have 6 children, 2 married with 3 grandchildren, and the remainder still at home. One of the youngest gained his heavenly home last year after a courageous battle against a brain tumor, so we are still adjusting to life missing Nehemiah but we look forward to an eternity with our God and Savior, our son, and all of our loved ones! Life has not been dull so far, and it looks as if that trend will continue.



Q. If you were not in your current role or endeavor, what would you be doing?
A. I’ve been blessed with being able to support myself and my family with many different and varying careers in different industries. I have thoroughly enjoyed every single one of them. Many didn’t work out because they were not economically feasible to continue, but I came away with skills and knowledge from each that I still use today.
Besides raising a family of 6 children with my awesome wife, Michele, I have been a CPR and First Aid instructor for the last 8 years through my company, Save a Life CPR LLC, I also am currently (and have been for the last 30 years) painting houses through my other company, Brush Strokes LLC. I have worked in the restaurant industry, ran on ambulances as an EMT, three partners and myself started an executive protection security company, I delivered subpoena court papers for lawyers, and probably a couple of things I’m forgetting. All in all a fun run, with many good experiences, and I’m not done yet…

Q. What has been the biggest impact in your industry or life in the last 5 years?
A. The biggest impact in my life has been the sickness of one of my sons, Nehemiah, who passed away a year ago in February. He battled a brain tumor for one and a half years before God healed him for all eternity and took him home. Because of the nature of my work, I was able to spend large amounts of time with him and my wife and other children, precious time that I will treasure, especially since we will not see him again on this side of heaven.
The ache that is in me, the fact of always missing Nehemiah, no matter what is going on around me is hard, a process that takes huge adjustments. He was an inspiration in this battle, he was a comfort and a joy to the many other people he came in contact with through this struggle, he shared God’s love to those around them, and fought his fight with valor.

Q. Where do you see yourself or business in 5 years?
A. Helping and teaching how to properly respond when a medical emergency arises, so they have no regrets from the actions they took.

Q. Who do you most admire or are inspired by?
A. My inspiration is first and foremost my Lord and Savior, and the fact that he chose me to be in His family is an incredible thing! God has also brought many mentors in my life that have shared their wisdom and knowledge, saving me from a few scrapes and bumps, both at work, and at home.

Q. What organization is on the top of your list to support?
A. The good book says that the care of widows and orphans is true religion. Any way I can help in those areas is always a good thing.

Q. What is the biggest need you have in your business or industry today?
A. In emergency medicine, the biggest issue is that people don’t get involved because they are afraid of messing things up. The fact that saving someone’s life is not complicated is the basis for the classes I teach. Especially in an emergency, simple is always better!

Author: Team UNITE!