Hello,  I’m Dr. Nathan Elliott.  After being in practice for nearly 4 years, I have seen the body’s God-given power to heal itself countless times over.  I am passionate about helping people live closer to their potential.  I created Harmony to be a platform for those who know they should be living better but don’t know how. At this point in my career,  my objective is simple: to elevate the wellbeing of those seeking to get the most out of their lives.



Q. What has been the biggest impact on your business over the last 5 years? 

A. In short, putting my dream into motion has had the largest impact in my business.  Harmony is only 1 year old and has already helped a number of people.  This first year has been crucial and abundant with feedback. As I am growing Harmony in the early stages, I am drawing the blueprints and building the foundation of something larger that will allow me to reach and change the lives of many. With every new person I help, I grow in experience that I take with me to the next appointment.

Q. Where do you see your business in 5 years?

A. In 5 years, I see Harmony doing what it does now, just busier and more efficient. My goal is to service a strong population of health-centered people that are able to advocate for their own wellbeing.

Q. Who do you admire most, are inspired by and why?

A. The person that I admire most would have to be C. S. Lewis based on the content of his Christian literature.  For me,  he was an influential author as I went through my Christian infancy while in Chiropractic school.  He has a way of explaining difficult concepts of the gospel in a way that makes them seem obvious. I’ve got a whole shelf full of his books!

Q. What is the biggest need/struggle you currently face in your business?

A. My biggest struggle to date has been establishing the framework for my business. I came out of school with skills and passion but no direction. Now this is my opportunity to put on my business hat and create a platform where I can put my skills to use. I wouldn’t say it’s been a struggle,  but as I grow I know there will be bigger challenges yet.

Author: Team UNITE!