Medical Kingdom Care is about personalized medical care. With medical care trending
towards de-personalization, seeing whichever provider is available, going back to knowing your
physician and being able to talk directly with your physician just doesn’t happen in most large
Personalized care means that you don’t get a big run around when trying to reach your
doctor. Currently, I am the only physician in the Medical Kingdom Care practice which means
you get ME when you call or text. There are multiple ways to contact me. Being able to make
appointments and get test results are much easier with personalized care. Also, if you need
care urgently, you don’t always have to go sit in an ER or urgent care waiting room. Most of
the time you can be seen same day or within 1-2 days.
So who do I take care of??? As a family physician, I see babies, children, adults and
older folk. I have a regular family practice so I work with prevention and treatment of disease,
well visits and sick visits and more recently -the entire range of COVID -19 issues including
belong to the FLCCC Alliance and I work hard to keep up with all the rapidly changing treatment
options now available for COVID.
Personalized direct patient care is different than concierge medicine. The Direct Patient
care model does NOT bill insurances as does concierge medicine. Concierge medicine
charges a fee on top of billing your insurance. Prices are generally much less than concierge
practices and there are NO co-payments or hidden fees. The fees can be billed monthly, every
3 months or annually, whichever works best for the individual or family. For those who have NO
insurance or a very high deductible, Medical Kingdom Care has agreements with Quest lab to
get studies done at a very reasonable cost, much lower than otherwise. People ask, do I keep
my insurance? Yes!! Because IF you have insurance that pays for medications, labs, x-rays
and seeing a specialist, that is a great benefit for you!
So how do fees for personalized medical care compare with everyday expenses??
Average cost : 1 Persons cell phone – $65/month Cigarettes – – $60-
120/month Fast food $60-240/month – Drinks –
In comparison to the cost for 1 person to receive primary health care – $ 45-75/month
depending on your plan -family rates are different depending on the number of family members.
“I see my own physician every time.”
“ I can get seen when I need to”
“I can text or talk with my physician when I need to.”
Personalized care is about YOU – the patient, not about treating an insurance company
or a big corporate office. If any of this interests you, I offer a FREE “Meet and greet”
consultation in-person to see if this practice would be a good fit for you or your family. To make
an appointment, call 231-780-7012 or send an email to
Hope to help YOU reach your health goals.
Saundra Blanchard, MD

More To Know About Dr. Saundra Blanchard, MD of Medical Kingdom Care:

I grew up on the West Coast -Born in Sandpoint, Idaho by Lake Pend
Orielle. So being around mountains and water is not new for me now that I am
near Lake Michigan. Grandpa’s farm was a great place to learn a strong work
ethic and enjoy gardening and eating garden fresh foods. Our favorite summer
evening was spent making homemade ice cream and having our fresh picked
strawberries on top!
I went to College at College Place Washington (near Walla Walla) and
graduated with a major in Religion and a minor degree in music. My major degree
had lots of counseling classes so I learned to be a good listener. Music has always
been and always will be a major part of my life. My organ partner and I usually
give an annual recital in the fall and I play for multiple functions in the area.
I attended Medical school at Loma Linda University in Southern California
and from there I went into the Public Health service in South Carolina (culture
shock!). That was quite a learning experience for me; I then went back to central
California where I had a private practice until 1992.
Moving to Michigan was not something I had ever planned on, but my
husband grew up in South Haven. We moved to Cadillac for his profession and I
joined a practice there from 1993 until April of 2006 when we moved to Muskegon.
I worked for Trinity Health until May of 2021 and then took some time off to be
caretaker for my mother and her husband. That was a full time 24/7 job and I
gained a great respect for all those who are caretakers. When that ended
inFebruary of 2022 I began to look at the personalized care model of Direct
Primary Care and found that it might work well for me.
I still love gardening, flowers, trees and veggies. I now also have 3
grandchildren (So I won’t be moving out of the area!). Music is still a large part of
my life as is my volunteer work with medical organizations such as LIBERTY AND
HEALTH ALLIANCE and my church missions. Helping people learn about staying
healthy is a big goal for me and I hope to soon start doing medical lectures and
speak on topics such as treating the vaccine injured patients. Covid did change
life but I am now a member of the FLCCC which is working hard to treat all
aspects of COVID-so don’t be afraid of it, have HOPE not fear!

Author: Team UNITE!