My name is Heather Koehler and I live in Monterey Twp, in Allegan with my husband, daughter and two grandchildren. We have a small farm with goats and chickens and we raise meat birds in the summer while my husband does a garden. We do canning and process our own chickens. I also make goat cheese and soap. We have lived here almost 6 years. Our son and his wife live in Portage. I feel very blessed to live here because we have been in places that you would consider hardships, so I am very thankful.
I don’t have an organization nor a business so I am going to speak as a new delegate.
About 1.5 years ago I met Lisa Wall at Decision Day and signed up with her website. She had also been at the Reawaken Tour that I went to. I wanted to get more involved so I asked her if I could help. I helped her with posting events and joined her at a few events with her table. (I have a blind eye from a tumor on optic nerve. Thanks be to God my migraines are gone!) Lisa encouraged me to get involved with being a delegate. One thing led to another and here I am now a delegate and will vote in the State Convention in a couple of weeks. Two years ago I didn’t even know what a delegate was. Lisa also encouraged me to help with other campaigns, so I helped with Ryan Kelley’s campaign and then helped with Matt DePerno’s and then Kristina Karamo’s. I had never helped with campaigns before so this was a new experience.
In 2016 I had to be talked into voting for our President. In 2020 I went to vote for him with a smile. I have been upset by things a number of times since then because things weren’t going like I thought they were supposed to be. I know that our President is chosen (he did say that he was) by God. I now know this without a doubt. Look what has happened in the last seven years including Roe v Wade. This is Divine intervention. What an awakening we have had. Our President has chosen/endorsed a candidate [Matt DePerno]. Let us not abandon our community and leader who got us this far. We need to keep God in all of our decision making. I am looking forward to seeing people at Convention whom I have become friends with. As Ryan said and our President as well, it is about the journey. This has been the most important part of all of it. There is no difficult decision, nothing to fret about. Stick with the plan. Those who love God, when elected, will do it to the best of their ability because they love Him.

Author: Team UNITE!