James Stewart, candidate for MIGOP Co-chair, has wide-ranging experience.  James spent twenty-five years in construction as a licensed contractor. Twelve of those years, he served as CEO of two different construction companies. While working in construction, James also served as a youth pastor while in his twenties.  In his thirties, James taught college age students at a church. James is also a public speaker speaking at churches and at various other events when invited.

James has been interested in politics since he was in high school.  He has been a podcaster since 2016 interviewing guests and providing political commentary.  He has also appeared on shows other than his own. In 2021, James helped guide students in his community of Manchester when the students defied Governor Whitmer’s mask mandates by advising the students to show kindness and respect when they entered the school.  In 2022, James was elected precinct delegate for Washtenaw County, Michigan.  He and J.D. Glaser have led seminars across Michigan and J.D. has been a frequent guest on James’s podcast.

In his personal life, James has been married to April Stewart for over twenty-five years.  The couple has two teenage daughters.  James and his family are committed Christians who love Jesus and follow Biblical teaching in their daily lives

Author: Team UNITE!