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Lakes Inc. is a regional trucking company that hauls food products throughout the Midwest and Southeast parts of the United States. We have late model trucks and trailers that are well maintained. The majority of our freight is customer direct.



Q. What has been the biggest impact on your business over the last 5 years?
A. The biggest impact on our business over the past 5 years has been the dedication and loyalty of our employees. We have a great team of drivers, most of  whom have been with us for well over 5 years, and we would not be successful without them. We also have a fantastic administration team and mechanic who work hard to make sure everything is operating efficiently.
The Trump Presidency also had a great impact on our business with overall reduced taxes and a booming economy. Not only did we reap the benefits of additional business and profits, but we were able to pass this on to our employees with pay increases.
Q. Who do you admire most, are inspired by and why?
A. What inspires us is our employees. We are blessed to have the ability to provide good paying jobs and health insurance so they are able to support their families. In return, they all work hard to ensure and maintain our success. It is their loyalty, dedication and friendships that have developed over the years that inspire us daily, especially when we are having bad days or weeks, and further encourage improvement.
Q. Where do you see your business in 5 years?
A. In the next five years, we are hoping to acquire more drivers as we will have employees retiring, beginning in 2022. Our goal is always to increase our fleet without compromising the integrity of the business or the benefits we offer and relationships we have with our employees.
Q. What is the biggest need you currently face in your business?
A. Our company’s greatest need is drivers. The trucking industry has suffered driver shortages for many years. Like the skilled trade professions, the trucking industry consists of mostly elderly drivers who are close to retirement and struggle with health issues.  The younger generation coming into the industry are far and few as most seek a college degree rather than looking into other trades. Every  industry has been impacted by this financially, along with the supply and demand. This is a problem that developed long before the Covid pandemic.

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