The Ottawa Impact Story

On a cold night in November of 2020, the eve of yet another restaurant closure mandate in Michigan, a group of parents met in a sparse restaurant with one goal in mind: Replace elected officials who refused to protect individual rights. Elected officials in Ottawa County had refused to defend or voice support for individual freedoms in the face of harsh pandemic restrictions. Most watched silently as their own county employees made threats against innocent citizens and issued mandates to control people’s daily lives. Concerned with the overreach of county government into parental rights and individual freedoms, the group laid out a map of county commissioner districts on the table in front of them.

The County Commissioners were scrutinized for failing to stand for the constitutionally protected rights of the people and creating a divisive DEI department, and a plan of unified political action began to form. That meeting sparked many more, which expanded to concerns about area schools and local school boards. The result was the creation of Ottawa Impact in early 2021, focused on a long-term plan of restoring the checks and balances of the Constitutional Republic designed to preserve and protect individual rights.

The mission of Ottawa Impact is to preserve and protect the individual rights of the people in Ottawa County, including the right of parents to make health and education decisions for their own children. We recognize our nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage and celebrate America as an exceptional nation blessed by God. We oppose the indoctrination of our youth and the politicization of public schools.

Civic engagement, ground up, is critical to preserving a healthy, moral society. Ottawa Impact seeks to educate, encourage, and support local leaders who fight to preserve Ottawa’s values. One of the driving forces behind this work is a passion for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness!

Ottawa Impact has led the people of Ottawa County in unified political action, advocating for the restoration of parental rights and individual freedoms, while holding elected officials accountable.  Some of these actions, made possible through engagement with thousands of parents and citizens, are outlined in the Ottawa County Commissioners’ Record of “Milquetoastery”, including advocating for the Resolution to Restore Freedom. In addition, Ottawa Impact assisted with raising funds for a parent-led lawsuit against the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners and Health Department, which helped to clarify county commissioners do indeed have the ability to fire a health director for overreach.

Ottawa Impact is currently vetting new leaders for liberty. In the 2022 election cycle, we are laser-focused on county commissioner and school board seats in Ottawa, which are the local positions most egregiously impacting parental rights and individual freedoms. Candidates endorsed by Ottawa Impact PAC align with and agree to sign the contract with Ottawa, which was written to restore power to the people and adherence to the Constitution.

Ottawa Impact is comprised of a dedicated team with skills in technology, marketing, communications, community relationships, and advocacy in parental rights, health freedom, and education issues. In addition to being a 501(c)(4), we created a legal fund, as well as three Political Action Committees (PACs), which allow direct engagement in elections in a meaningful way. From our inception, we have been 100% focused on Ottawa County.

We welcome you to join us in preserving and protecting the freedom and values which have made Ottawa County and Michigan great, so these things may be enjoyed by generations to come.


Q. If your organization was not in its current endeavor, what would it be doing instead?
A. The organization was founded to help parental rights advocates in Ottawa County further their cause. There are four requirements to make an impact on the local political landscape, and Ottawa Impact is designed to provide all four of these:
1. Prove you are not kidding-
Demonstrate your efforts are serious, professional, long-term, and well-funded. Ottawa Impact is designed to give you the right credentials!
2. Prove you are backed up by numbers-
Ottawa Impact was designed to organize, communicate, and teach. We support people in existing groups to help them make an impact.
3. Prove you will inflict pain in the election season-
Politicians respond to two things: pain and pressure. People often joke that a politician’s main job is to be re-elected. Elected officials in Ottawa County proved they would not represent the people or adhere to the party platform on which they were elected. When elected officials refuse to protect individual rights and represent the people, they must be replaced.
4. Prove you will be back-
We are dealing with long-term problems, and they require long-term solutions. All people involved need to see a level of permanency and seriousness before giving credence to any person or group. Ottawa Impact demonstrates consistent efforts towards preserving and protecting individual rights.

Q. What has been the biggest impact on your organization in the last 5 years?
A. The Ottawa County Board of Commissioners have resolutely declared they will not listen to or represent the people who elected them. Ottawa Impact has documented this behavior and advocated for families in Ottawa County for over a year. Even when 1,000 people attended a commissioner meeting to protest the harmful mask mandate from the health department, the commissioners voted to approve over $2,000,000 in additional funding for the health department. After that meeting, they reduced public comment time to 60 seconds and issued dozens of new rules to impede citizen involvement at county meetings. Because of what elected officials chose to do, Ottawa Impact grew and expanded. Parents have become more engaged in their community. Joe Moss, one of the founders of Ottawa Impact, said: “The true power of Ottawa Impact is the people of Ottawa County finding their voice and advocating on behalf of their families and their rights.”

Q. Where do you see your organization in 5 years?
A. We see our organization as a long-term solution to long-term problems. We will continue to advocate and educate in Ottawa county. The problems we are facing didn’t happen overnight and they won’t be fixed overnight. However, through perseverance and direct involvement in local elections, we will impact our community and our government for the better.

Q. What has inspired your organization the greatest, and why?
A. Our inspiration is the parents and individuals who stepped up to make an impact! Seeing people in their own community getting involved has inspired us to work harder to restore freedom in Ottawa County, and replace people who sided with heavy-handed mandates, fear, and control tactics instead of trusting the people to make the best decisions for themselves.

Q. What organizations are top on the list you provide support to?
A. We are focused on supporting parent groups. Some of these are organized on Facebook and some are loosely grouped, but all of them are advocating on behalf of their kids and parental freedoms. One example of this is the lawsuit against the health department. There was a group of parents who wanted to sue the health department. We are helping them by organizing fundraising efforts and providing the funds needed for the lawsuit.

Q. What is the biggest need your organization faces today?
A. We are in a unique time. What we do in the 2022 election cycle will pay dividends for years to come. Parents and citizens have said enough is enough! The status quo must not continue. We need to connect with more people and help them find their voice.

Author: Team UNITE!