Hello! My Name is Ryan Roberts and I’m also known by many online as Logik. I was born and raised in West Michigan, and have lived here in this beautiful state my whole life. My two older brothers and I grew up in Lake County, without a father in the picture. Our single mother worked for minimum wages and struggled our whole youth to put food on the table. Our dad, on the other hand, made the decision of choosing drugs, alcohol, and women over raising and supporting us. He left the picture when I was 4 years old, and went on to have many other children, while going in and out of prison. The most important thing my father, (unknowingly) taught me was the type of man NOT to be, as well as the type of father NOT to be to my children. The most important thing that growing up poor in a small poor community taught me was that if I wanted to see the world or have nice things, I would have to work extra hard in life and also in school.




Q. If you were not in your current role/endeavor, what would you be doing instead? 

A. If I wasn’t running for State Rep, I would still be fighting for what is right and opposing everything that isn’t.  I would be focused solely on providing for my family, fighting for the common good, and spreading God’s word through in-person interaction or via the internet.  I started a podcast last year, focusing on scripture and politics, and it really started to gain traction up until YouTube censored, restricted, and ultimately deleted my channel.  I just started a new YouTube channel, called Logik’s View 2, and I’m on many other alternative

platforms, as well.  I really enjoy the ability to grow and network with like-minded individuals and some people actually even earn a living through their podcasts via donations and selling merchandise.

Q. What has been the biggest impact in your industry or life in the last 5 years?

A. Some of the biggest impacts in my life in the past 5 years have been overcoming alcohol addiction, having my first son, and also getting married to an absolute angel.  Even in my early teens, I had always known that God would use me to do meaningful and powerful things.  I was voted most likely to succeed out of my graduating class and I’ve always had a strong and increasing passion for the Lord and learning.  Nonetheless, after a painful breakup while in college, I moved down by Detroit and my life took a turn towards alcohol and drugs which eventually led to depression.  I moved back to West Michigan, but without ever having a father to raise and give me proper guidance and advice, my early 20’s proved to be a time full of many mistakes and a lot of learning the “hard way.” I got sucked into alcoholism and even built up a (non-violent) criminal record consisting of drug possessions and driving offenses.  I knew I could never be what God called me to be without overcoming the many obstacles I had built up in front of me.  Through prayer, faith, and diligence, the Lord has changed my life.  I graduated college in 2017 and am now approaching 3 years of sobriety.  I’m happily married to a beautiful strong woman who makes me an extremely better person daily, and I finally have my own son after having 3 biological daughters lol.  Now, our family is extended, diverse, and beautiful.  My life has blossomed tremendously within these last several years and I’m beyond excited! I feel like life is just beginning to take off for me and my wife and children! All glory to God!

Q. Where do you see yourself or business in 5 years?

A. In 5 years I can see myself serving my last term as State Rep and preparing for the Senate! lol.  No matter where I am, I’ll still be happily and boldly proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ and spreading the truth everywhere I go, while exposing and opposing evildoers in all places.

Q. Who do you most admire or are inspired by, and why?

A. I admire those who stand strong and firmly on scripture and the constitution; all true patriots and true brothers and sisters in Christ of all ages, colors, and backgrounds.  Those who, through God’s Grace, have awakened to and are fighting against the satanic deceptions imposed upon the world.

Q. What organization is top on your list to provide support?

A. I support all organizations that truly work on behalf of the people, stand against tyranny, and expose misconduct and wrongdoings in society.
Q. What is the biggest need you face in your business or organization today?
A. The biggest need we all face is more people waking up to God’s love, wisdom, and grace, while also becoming aware of the organized opposition to that which is common good.  With all the censorship that conservatives have to deal with, it is harder to combat the propaganda and reach people but we still push on!
Author: Team UNITE!