Amy has worked in the accounting field for over 25 years in both Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.  She currently is working in Accounts Payable for a food manufacturing company in West Michigan.  Amy lives in Grand Rapids with her husband and family who are a very special part of her life. She grew up in a home that had a love for God, family, and country which plays a big part of who she is today.  For fun, she loves to travel across this beautiful country and spending time with family and friends.  Amy enjoys collecting gold and silver which we like to call “God’s Money” and has made a lot of great new friendships collecting with her 7K Metals team!



Q. If you were not in your current role/endeavor, what would you be doing instead?
A. I enjoy traveling and helping others.

Q. What has been the biggest impact in your industry or life in the last 5 years?
A. Seeing President Trump make a big impact on our economy, making this country strong and independent again!  Also, seeing the effects of the shutdown in Michigan and wanting to help the struggling businesses.

Q. Where do you see yourself or business in 5 years?
A. I plan to continue stacking silver and growing a nice legacy for our children and retirement.

Q. Who do you most admire or are inspired by, and why?
A. Our veterans. They have given up everything to serve our country proudly and I feel they do not get the recognition they so deserve!  I am proud of our veterans and so thankful for their service to our country!

Q. What organization is top on your list to provide support?
A. Our local foster care programs in Michigan.

Q. What is the biggest need you face in your business or organization today?
A. Helping people understand generational wealth and how silver and gold will help them achieve this for themselves and their families.

Author: Team UNITE!